How to Grow OMOTO For overseas customers

For overseas customers


Avoid direct sunlight.

Watering depends on the medium.
If you have good water retention such as soil, do it once every 3 to 7 days,
if it has poor water retention such as gravel, do it every day.

Fertilize once or twice in the fall and three to four times in the spring.
You may want to give very thin liquid fertilizer to avoid midsummer.

Basically, OMOTO is similar to orchid, and it is better to dry it.


To develop roots quickly

The growing season of Rohdea japonica is from spring to autumn.When you give water, give plenty. When you dry it, let’s dry it well.

At that time, do not let the water run out. It dries from the wilting point for a while, and when the water runs out, the roots stop.

Second, don’t have too much water. When there is a lot of water, OMOTO does not try to grow its roots. When it dries a little, roots grow in search of water.

You also need a moderate amount of fertilizer. If the fertilizer is thick, it will damage the roots, so give it a light fertilizer.


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