How to enjoy OMOTO?

September 2002
Tatumigaoka hall
Okazaki city Aichi prefecture
Omoto Mikawa chapter
Let's join omoto circles.
You can show your omoto collection.
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Omoto Exibition "Misho"
 Enjoy OMOTO 
What is OMOTO?
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How to enjoy
omoto management
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Gardening OMOTO news
@What strains do you want to grow?
 You can select the strains that you want to grow at exibitions or omoto strains books.
   Point  Strong
            Good breeding
            Gold letter in the Omoto ranking
(Gold letter omoto is long seller and has the remarkable feature and many people grow the omoto.)
 Omoto Ranking
Omoto Ikebana
Omoto Misho tour
Omoto Misho chapter
AHow to buy?
   ・Dealer(aggregate corporation Japan Omoto association)
   ・shop in the exibition
   ・net shop
       ・mail order
Omoto Exibition "Oha"
Omoto Exibition "Oha"2
Omoto strain book
This introduces 330 strains with good picture.
omoto strain book