OMOTO is an auspicious, lucky plant in Japan.

 When Ieyasu Tokugawa settled down at Edo castle in 1606, he brought OMOTO to his bedroom. It was why that he hoped the Edo period lasted for ever like OMOTO growed long time.

OMOTO leaf shape variation<Gei> relates to the way of the tea, and the colors and shapes have a lot of varietion and elegant.

OMOTO has the history breeds improvement for 500 years.

OMOTO appeals are the shape, the color pattern and the changeing every yaer.

We encourage to enjoy OMOTO that is strong to hot and cold and wonderful
What's OMOTO?
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What is OMOTO?
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Japanese name   omoto  

scientific name    Rohdea japonica Roth  

Chinese name     万年青

Country of origin Japan  China

herbaceous perennial